Dehydrated 100% Canadian Beef Liver.  Beef Liver Treats 2 Kg. box.
Beef Liver Treats Bulk Pack - 2 Kg.

Beef Liver Treats Bulk Pack - 2 Kg.

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Made with all Canadian beef, cut in Ontario and then dehydrated at our facility in Martintown, Ontario. Beef liver treats are by far our most popular product. Dogs of all tempers, tastes and sizes cannot get enough of this high protein snack.


The Arf'ul Good Bulk Pack (2 one-kilo bags) saves you more than 30% compared to the same amount purchased as individual 200 gr. bags. 

Nutritional Facts

Guaranteed Analysis – Analyse Garantie per /100gr.

Ash – Cendres : 4.3%
Crude fat – Matières grasses brutes : 13.3%
Calories – Calories : 398
Crude protein – Protéines brutes : 59.99%
Moisture – Humidité : 12.8%
Carbohydrates – Glucides : 9.7%

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