We have started something new!
Our podcast called: For the Love Of

Over the many years that we have been in the pet business, we have met a lot of interesting people and everyone has a story. Everyone has a life story and what brought them into this crazy business and memorable moments along the way. This is our way of spreading their story.

I am having so much fun making these podcasts, I hope you enjoy them too! Just click on their logos and listen to their stories.

Our very first guest is Carol Upton, dog walker and dog trainer. Join us and listen to her story!

In this next episode you will meet an amazing couple, Karen and Mark Larocque owners of Canine Watersports Canada dock diving which launched in 2016.
In our third episode I interview Erika Anderson an exceptional photographer and a dog agility competitor and coach. She will be talking about photography in the digital age as well as travelling with her dog Seven.
Meet Chantal Mills of 'The Canine School'. She talks about pivoting from teaching children to dog training. How her business has changed over the years and what it takes to be dog trainer.
Erica Campagna and Samantha Burns talk about their time with Sit With Me Rescue. What makes this rescue special and the volunteers that give of their time and love to help save dogs in need.

Kendra Mackinnon of Zenful Dog Training talks about cognitive dog training. If you are interested in learning how to have a relationship with your dog and to participate in activities together this podcast is for you!
Kendra is such a good story teller which made this interview so much fun, I am sure you will enjoy it!